Vendor Registration For Bidder Notification

Welcome to Queens Borough Public Library (QBPL) Online Vendor Registration for Bidder Notification Service site. This site is intended to be used by suppliers, bidders and others interested in receiving announcements of bidding opportunities for commodities, services and technology contracts of the Queens Borough Public Library.

The Queens Borough Public Library has designed a registration process that you will find easy to use. The Queens Borough Public Library is using a generic Product and Services Classification system.

Registering in the system is as simple as one-two-three:

  1. Register some basic information about the business you represent.
  2. Select the Product and/or Services Classification areas that fit your business.
  3. An email notice confirming completion of vendor form will be sent to you.

Bid documents are available on the QBPL Business Opportunities web site whether or not you register for the Bidder Notification Service. Click here to view opportunities. However, registering is the only way the business you represent will receive email announcements of bidding opportunities. Registering will ensure that your business receives updates or amendments to bid documents if they occur.

In order for the Service to be effective, you must select at least one Classification to correspond to the interests of the business you represent.